we may not follow the
perfect recipe, but we know
how to mix the ingredients
to make it perfect_

when given a creative assignment we can't help but
roll & roll & roll_

what do we call someone
who doesn't like to share?
no, no bad words here_

we are rolling
in blocks_



Planning time. Thinking forward. Taking different factors into account and finding results. A bit of rational precision and a bit of clairvoyance.

Client service

Mediation and big smiles. Urgency and patience. Pressure and responsibility.


Challenging coordination and thinking about every detail. Like budgeting, establishing dates and alternate dates, selecting and reserving the event site, developing a theme or a motif of the event… All that tiring work that makes a great thing happen.


Ideas, imagination, fantasy, concepts, designs, schemes, images. But based on high skills and hard knowledge.


The art and service of modifying imagined content into finished product. It’s final processing making visible what was cooked in other departments.


Data, data, data. It’s what future is about. We know it’s coming and taking supremacy. So we do it.
And we like it.

There is no better way of knowing us closer than pushing this button.

too good to be

bad and too bad

to be boring

We are cool more than cool!

There is nothing we could say about ourselves that could describe us better than meeting us in person.
Why not state the obvious? The agency is its people.

The fact that we are creative & untight & daring & cheerful & obsessive about our work, makes sense just because we do what we do professionally and punctually. Business & creative unpredictability. Block&Roll. Good mixture.

We believe relationships with clients are something to be cared about and nurtured. Genuine interaction, respect, communication and trust go without saying. But we also honestly believe that it is about chemistry, like love. Maybe we would perfectly click together?

Cups of coffee
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Block&Roll agency is known for high quality in performing tasks and set objectives, and with ideas and creativity it contributes to successful realization of business planes in the field of marketing, design and strategic communication with targeted public.
Qualified and creative agency team made our company’s visual identity become recognizable and enabled communication that reflects quality of our products, which was our distinct feature on the market since the company’s foundation in 1964. Cooperation with Block&Roll is a new positive experience, and benefits were visible already after realization of set goals.
Roloplast Mošić